Succulent beef, gourmet cheese, some of the world’s best beachbreaks and some incredible landscapes – Australia’s King Island feels like you’re in another world.

Flying to King Island felt like the opening scene of Jurassic Park. Flying over wild seas in a seven seater plane, all we could see was open water. Halfway through the 55-minute journey across the Bass Straight, we flew head on into a dark storm front. Initially, the plane felt at the mercy of the winds, but once we got into the flow of each gust, it all felt graceful as we weaved through the clouds.

Our destination appeared, rising from the ocean, luscious and green, and battered by massive seas. (Probably not that dramatic, but it felt like it at the time). We were on the tail end of one swell, with another five-metre swell coming in the following days.

Anchored in the middle of the Bass Strait between Victoria and Tasmania, King Island is remote, raw and made for exploring. We basically surfed and ate ourselves stupid for a week, while traversing some of the most incredible terrain we’d seen in Australia.

A Monster Children and Poler Adventure // Photos: Jam Hassan

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