MC #43 x Mike D

Monster Children #43 is bigger than that 1959 cinematic epic starring Charlton Heston, Tootsie. Not only does MC #43 boast an extra 56 pages of mind-bendingly incredible content for the same price tag, it’s also guest edited by a guest editor: the legendary Mike D of the (Aw mom, you’re just jealous) Beastie Boys! In addition to his decades-long influence on music, street, and popular culture in general, Mike has long been involved with the contemporary art world, and recently curated an acclaimed show for MOCA LA. The long list of artists from the music, surf, skate, film and art world Mike has brought on board for #43 is certifiably insane: Spike Jonze, Method Man, Ryan Sheckler, Dustin Yellin, Sage Vaughn, Simone Shubuck, Rob Machado, and Rodney Mullen to name but most of them.