Corona Journey 14: Afghanistan By Vaughan Brookfield

In late February 2012 Vaughan Brookfield accompanied three professional snowboarders from Australia on a trip to Afghanistan to document a snowboarding adventure unlike any other. In one of the most dangerous countries in the world, they discovered incredible mountains, breathtaking landscapes, and heartwarming communities of happy, hospitable people.

Snowboarders Clint Allan, Nick Gregory and Mitch Allan, filmer Richard James, editor Alex Cameron and Vaughan as still photographer embarked on a trip that would change the way we viewed the world. We had heard about the tremendous, snow-­capped mountains of the Hindu Kush that run 800km from central Afghanistan down to northern Pakistan. The mountain range is one of the final frontiers for mountain enthusiasts, and had only been ridden by a handful of amateur explorers before. From what they could tell, the best peaks for snowboarding lay deep in the heart of war torn Afghanistan.

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