Ali's Gambler

When Ali Latimer set out to produce the "Gambler", he must have been lost in a jungle somewhere fearing a zombie apocalypse.

As is the detail and features on this beautifully built custom, everything you would need to fend off the advancing brain-suckers.

Based on a Honda VRF750, this is exactly what Ali needed for his rural lifestyle, something tough enough to get him into the big smoke, then back out to his farm in one piece.

The Gambler as she is affectionately known (building a bike like this was also going to be Gamble!) has the infamous V4 engine, a great soundtrack as standard, but fitted with the DanMoto GP style silencer she positively howls.

All-in-all just a really beautiful build by a talented team of craftsmen at Untitled Motorcycles.

More info here at The Bike Shed.

*Photo credit: Gareth Roberts for The Bike Shed.