STAB Mag presents Josh Kerr: The Art Of The LayDay

RAEN Ambassador Josh Kerr doesn’t sweat the lay days. He might’ve used to, when he was a little newer to this game, but now when he hears lay day, all he thinks is opportunity for fun.

Since being on the Gold Coast, and since the swell got all shy, Josh has been enjoying the fruits of a contact at Tige Boats. He may just be one of the world’s best wake surfers, as you’ll see here: He stomps a royal flush (slob, frontside grab, stalefish and lien in a row).

But there’s more to keeping it breezy on lay days than just riding a wake, as Josh will articulate in the video.

The Art of The Lay Day, with Josh Kerr from STAB on Vimeo.

Video by Shane Fletcher