Monster Children #47 out now!

We just got a fresh box of Monster Children's latest issue #47 delivered to our doorstep. Gotta love that new magazine smell. Purchase it at our online store, right through here

"Issue 47 of Monster Children is here. And it’s all about Japan. Who to meet, what to eat, and where to take your feet. Our huge Tokyo travel section includes Shin Takizawa, Kunichi Nomura, Haroshi, and Yusuke Hanai, and many more. We also feature a RVCA Japan trip featuring Curren Caples, Greyson Fletcher and Jeremy Leabres. Back across the seas, we profile skateboarder Austyn Gillette, Chicago band Twin Peaks, and Australian artist James Ettleson. There’s also a funny story about Spike Jonze and Suduko, and a girl with less clothes on than usual on page 33. All this and so much more in the 47th issue of your favorite waste of trees, Monster Children."