What Are CR-39 Sunglass Lenses

Raen sought out to find the best sunglass lenses available to pair with their high quality, handmade frames. It was an easy decision to go with Optics by Carl Zeiss Vision. Carl Zeiss is based in Italy, and is a global leader and pioneer of the world’s finest camera glass, precision microscope optics, sun lenses and more. 

All Raen sunglasses are outfitted with Carl Zeiss Vision CR-39 Lenses and CR-39 Polarised Lenses for a perfect pairing of eye protection, optical quality and timeless style. CR-39 is a material that is almost entirely opaque in the ultraviolet range and transparent in the visible spectrum. The lenses have scratch resistant coating making them the superior material for prescription and sunglass lenses. CR-39 lenses provide 100% UVA/UVB protection and sustain continuous use in temperatures up to 100ºC and up to one hour in 130ºC. On top of all of this they reduce glare from ocean surfaces, car hoods and other reflective surfaces ensuring you clear vision in all of the activities you incorporate into your daily lifestyle.