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Poler x Specialized AWOL

AWOL and Oregon are the perfect match, just like AWOL and POLER. Both love Oregon and both have the likes for rad stuff. A friendship was destined to happen. The AWOL is a #campvibes enabling shred sled. Team AWOL went back to their California base-camp and smoke signaled our common friend John Watson / The Radavist and dared him to do a (r)adventure with us. And so it happened. Erik Nohlin and John Watson as Team AWOL on the AWOL x POLER, unsupported, across the Oregon Outback. Klammath Falls in the South to Columbia River on the Washington border. 3 days and 368 miles. The Poler x Specialized AWOL bicycle is available in very limited numbers at Specialized Dealers nationally;...

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