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Stripped down and rebuilt. Customised for your life and revved up for everything else. Deus makes four gears and loose throttles. Wind in your hair and thunder in your guts. Full speed towards the Volcano. The Raen X Deus collaboration is featured in three frames; the Lenox, Convoy, and a new classic, the Arlo. Video: #ThroughTheEyes of Dustin HumphreyMusic: "Drag" by Day Wave

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DEUS: I Had Too Much To Dream Last Night

Deus ex Machina in collaboration with Raen are proud to present the latest ocular extravaganza, ‘I HAD TOO MUCH TO DREAM LAST NIGHT’. To give you the good oil, the movie follows the simplistic travels of two surfers, meeting friends along the way, on an open ended journey across an archipelago littered with islands and breaks. Connected by ribbons of tarmac and separated by deep ocean valleys these islands have been here for millennia and will continue to do so for millennia to come. An veritable eden for waves of every nature, from long reeling glassy points breaks to sketchy urchin infested waves in the middle of nowhere.   Enjoy, I HAD TOO MUCH TOO DREAM LAST NIGHT!    ...

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Through The Eyes

Through The Eyes #throughtheeyes is a campaign by Raen Optics featuring stills and video 'through the eyes' of Raen ambassadors around the world. In this feature traveling photographer and model duo Zach and Natazha visit Bali and the gang at the Deus Temple of Enthusiasm (Bali). Featuring: Natazha McDuffie (model) and Harrison Roach (pro surfer) Camera: Zach McDuffie, Steve Titus, Andre Cricket Edit: Zach McDuffie, Mark Hopkins Music: "Whatever Happened to My Rock' N' Roll" by Black Rebel Motorcycle Club    

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