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A group of surfers in California have been working for years on perfecting the ability to ride waves without surfboards. Here are some of their exploits.


Made possible by Poler Stuff.

Floating by Trevor Gordon, Ryan Burch, Spencer Gordon and Travers Adler
Special Effects by Johanese Gamble and Casey Price
Edited by Shelby Menzel
Directed by Foster Huntington
Filmed by Will Adler, Erin Feinblatt, Andrew Schoener And Foster Huntington
Music by Les Difficilies de Petion-Ville, "An Septiemo"

Poler Adventure #121 - North Rim Opening Day

Over the years Ben Christensen has shared with many adventures, all more enjoyable and jealously inducing than the last. This one is no different. The North Rim is a special place, unlike its counterpart on the other side the canyon, there are no seas of buses and people just looking for a selfie. Much more of a place to reflect and to take it all in slowly. And like any adventure getting there is the best part.

All photos shot by Ben Christensen 

Click here to see Ben's full adventure around the North Rim on opening day. 

Episode #4 - Torren Martyn's lost track

In this episode the boys score PUMPING waves in South Australia on their way toward WA.

Presented by SurfStitch and Poler Stuff, Supported by Bear Rentals.

Photographer - Ishka Folkwell (@ishkaimagery) and Surfer Torren Martyn (@torrenmartyn) 

 #LostTrack and @surfstitch, @bearrentals @polerstuff. 

Lost Track Part 4, South Australia from surfstitch on Vimeo.


Watch: Lost Track with Torren Martyn
An Australian Adventure by #polerstuff

Most Australian surfers live and die by their local break. They learn how to read the take-off zones, assess the tide, swell and wind conditions, and deal with the local crowds. It’s comfortable, easy and regular. But, for those with a little more adventure in their bones, there’s still pockets of perfect uncrowded Australian waves to be found… You just have to search for them.

Lost Track - Part 1, Byron Bay. from surfstitch on Vimeo.

Torren Martyn is one guy who lives to search for great waves. Growing up in the popular Northern NSW town of Byron Bay, he’s no stranger to a crowded lineup and, whilst becoming accustomed to these local points, he’s also been travelling, searching and scoring uncrowded waves in desolate locations since he was a kid.

His first adventure came when he was eight years old - Torren’s parents took him on a 2-year road trip around Australia in an old Land Rover Defender that he nostalgically refers to as ‘The Red Rattler’. Torren was introduced to both surfing and drawing on the trip – the two passions that would come to define him. He explored the coastal areas of QLD, NSW, VIC, TAS, SA, WA, before heading Due East into the Red Centre, through the inland areas of the Simpson Desert, Uluru and Kakadu as they made their way home to Byron Bay.

The trip sparked something inside him and, whilst he technically still “lives” in Byron Bay, he has spent most of his years since travelling, searching, surfing and drawing.

About two months ago, after returning from exploring Indonesia for a large portion of the last 2 years, Torren approached us with a plan to re-trace the steps of his first holiday, exploring the most desolate and untapped surfing corners of the country, documenting each leg of the trip with his best mate and filmer Ishka Folkwell.

After a little planning, quiver-purchasing and map reading, Torren is off again in the

Poler x Bear Rentals Adventure Mobile (@bearrentals) to explore this wonderful country and share it with us in a series of short episodes and a feature film, releasing in July, that he’s chosen to name ‘Lost Track’. Enjoy.

Lost Track Part 2, New South Wales from surfstitch on Vimeo.



Presented by Surfstitch & Poler, Support from Bear rentals.