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Fabriqué en France

RAEN Introduces the “Fabriqué en France” collection. In the distant, mountainous region of the idyllic Haut-Jura in Northeastern France, the spirit of adventure is met with a deep appreciation for traditional craftsmanship. On a journey to the region, we were introduced to the long, iconic history of eyewear manufacturing. The local artisans have been manufacturing eyewear and perfecting their trade since 1796. We became obsessed with paying homage to the rich tradition with an exclusive collection of frames produced entirely in the Jura. This collection is completely hand-made in France with the world renowned craftsmanship, technique, and traditional know-how of the Jura. We chose to work with a small, second-generation, family owned and operated factory, originally founded by two brothers. The...

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RAEN Presents - Harrison Roach, Morocco.

Under the unforgiving cliff faces lay peeling waves…one after another. Unridden walls, pushed and thrown by a howling offshore and shadowed by a dry desert landscape. Created by powerful, Atlantic ocean ground swells these walls track towards land, becoming intense and perfect by the time they reach the western coastline.   The Last Flight to Agadir is a SurfStitch short film, directed and shot by Andrew Gough featuring surfer Harrison Roach chasing a far-fetched but much dreamt about swell in Northern Africa.   Harrison Roach Chasing Morocco | RAEN from RAEN on Vimeo.   Cinematography & Edit – Andrew GoughColourist – Mark DesiatovSoundtrack – Wish Someone Would Care by Irma ThomasNarration – Boilers Ahmed  Presented by – SurfStitch & RAEN

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