Poler : Mega Camera Cooler - Blue Steel

Mega Camera Cooler - Blue Steel Mega Camera Cooler - Blue Steel Mega Camera Cooler - Blue Steel
Mega Camera Cooler - Blue Steel Mega Camera Cooler - Blue Steel

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We’ve expanded the size and features of one of our most popular bags, so now there's more to love! Large enough to carry a family picnic, 18 beers, or a DSLR with several lenses and accessories using the included padded camera insert, this bag delivers big on the fun in functionality. The padded camera insert is modular and adjustable so you can customize the interior to fit your needs, and a small zipper compartment inside the lid holds on to your smaller accessories. The exterior of the bag features two generous side pockets and a larger one on the lid, as well as two adjustable straps for a tripod, blanket or windbreaker. Finally, you can strap the whole thing to the rack on the front of your bike and use it as a porteur style bag. With all its versatility and style, the Mega Camera Cooler does bigger better!

SIZE: 10”h x 12”w x 9”d / 17 Liters / 1080 cu. in.

FEATURES: Campdura body fabric / Fully insulated / High tensile strength nylon webbing / Cyclops logo embossed snaps / Camp Vibes embossed leather pull tabs / Removable padded customizable camera insert / Porteur bike rack retention straps

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